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As a service to the Pátzcuaro community, CELEP offers low-cost English classes to local residents of all ages. This semester nearly one hundred students—children, teenagers and adults—are enrolled in CELEP’s English program.          

We offer voluntary conversational exchanges to promote fluid speech for all our language students. We pair our Spanish students (native speakers of English) with our English students (native speakers of Spanish). These language partners converse first in English then in Spanish. Everyone benefits!


These conversational exchanges present our English-speaking Spanish students with an opportunity for cross-cultural exchange. Volunteers with CELEP’s afternoon English classes tell us they are amazed when they seem to learn more Spanish as they chat with students learning English, and they’re pleased by their improving ability to converse in Spanish. Everyone says they enjoy the cultural exchange.

One-on-one conversations are available Monday through Thursday afternoons. Friday afternoon is devoted to a small-group conversation.

CELEP solicits donations to maintain the low fee structure of the English program.  Donated funds are used to award scholarships to students unable to afford course fees.  They are also used to purchase teaching materials (language games, etc.) for English classes.  We are grateful to the individuals and foundations that support CELEP’s English program, most importantly the Sociedad de Intercambio Cultural, located in Montana USA.

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